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Gregg draws a sad woman and gifts her

21st June, 2016

So I'm on the train home and this loud commuter of sharing proportions is tell her mobile phone how crap life has been. I learnt that today was her 1st day at a new job and kind of felt her luck was changing. I drew a picture of a woman meditating in lotus position in the clouds and handed it to her as she got up lo leave. Smiles and good heart connection.

Video Editor - Promo, family or firm

It's a great time to pull out that video footage and hand it over. A video editor like Gregg can save loads of time and make your video look great. A video editor can get your timing just right ready for easy viewing. The other benefit of a video editor is knowing the best format and settings to publish your final film, based on where you plan to screen it... for the web, DVD or broadcast.

New promo clip for Peter Day - Sculpter

July 20th 2016

Promotional film for Environment Artist Peter Day is aiming to be complete by the end of the week. Keep an eye out for his new link.