The craft of film is an alchemy like no other.

It can shift apathy into care mode, readying humans to understand what must be done next.

Gregg Brown is a Melbourne based independent videographer and stop motion animation/educator. His film productions center greatly in the health industry, youth film education and well-being.

In 2007 Gregg founded Play Animation for which he has produced, directed and facilitated numerous films for businesses, libraries, schools, council youth services across Victoria. Including many artist residencies.

Prior to moving into film production, Gregg worked with youth in the TAFE system for 10 years, using stop motion animation as a medium to train team building and communication skills.

2015-18 Gregg has been working largely with The Royal Melbourne Hospital, being awarded 3 Gold at the 2018 AIMBI conference for his video work on Occupational Violence Prevention in the ED unit and Clinical Trials Centre.

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